Fishing Charters 

6 Hours

1-2 guests $500

3 guests $600

4 guests $700

Sunset Cruises

3 Hours

1-5 guests $150

Cancellation Policy and Weather

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations affects us significantly. A last minute cancellation leaves us little chance of filling the reserved space due to the nature of our business. For these reasons, we uphold a strict cancellation policy. Cancellations made 30 days before your trip are transferable. After the 30 days prior to your scheduled trip, no refund is possible regardless of reason. You can replace your guests at anytime but we cannot refund money for no-shows unless we are able to re-book the space.  But again, that is rarely possible at the last minute due to the nature of our business.


Texas weather is often windy, wet and sometimes violent of which we have no control. Windy conditions and light drizzle are normally no reason for cancellation. Consequently, we are very carful in consulting the client before any decisions are made to cancel a trip. The captain ultimately determines the final decision. If a weather cancellation occurs, you have to option of re-scheduling or obtaining a refund.